Monday, March 31, 2014

Web 2.0

Elizabeth Travis
Edu 3043: Instructional Technology
Web 2.0 Assignment

Chirbirt is a great free online tool that is used for audio sharing. Using Chirbirt you are able to record directly and put it with text or an image. It is easy to use and easy to upload your own audio file. Using Chirbirt in my classroom would be very useful because I could have my students listen to lectures at home before class and then spend class time working on "homework". Chirbirt would be a great tool to use to have a flipped classroom.

Class Tools:
Class tools can be used to create games, activities, and diagrams. After creating something on class tools you can post them to your own blog or website. Class tools is a great way to create activities to get your class involved. I would like to use class tools in my classroom as fun way of learning math material. Fun games that quizzed their knowledge would help them excel in class.

Auditorium is a site used for problem solving. Auditorium is great in that it helps you use both sides of your brain to problem solve. There are no explanations and you have to figure out what to do yet its intuitive enough to figure it out. I think auditorium would be great to use in a math class room. Math is sometimes just focused on wether a student can get a correct answer the right way instead of using their own intuition. Auditorium would help them hone in on those skills and know how to use them.

Haiku allows you to create online lesson plans with articles, images, audio and more for your class. Classes can also have online discussions through haiku. Teachers can track scores through grade book and use auto-grade on quizzes and tests. I could use Haiku in my class to put extra homework help or have an area that the students can get on and ask each other questions about the lesson or the homework. I could also have them take online quizzes that would better prepare them for the test.

Phuser creates an online chat room for students to use privately. They can share photos and files securely and the teacher chooses who can join the chatroom. The discussions can be tracked by the teacher also. I could use phuser for my classroom so that they can ask each other questions on the homework assignments. It also allows me to see the questions they are frequently having and be able to go over them in class or change my instruction to help them understand the material.

Collaborize Classroom:
Collaborize classroom helps engage students inside and outside of the classroom. The teacher is able to keep good record of those participating and those not. You can also publish results so that students can se how they are doing. Many times in math classes because students don't automatically understand the material and they do not have enough practice at home they fall behind in class. I could use a site such as collaborize classroom to help my students be more interacted in class and I could monitor their use.

Edublogs is a site that helps teachers and students stay connected online through blogs. Blogging for teachers and students is made easy by using edublogs. Edublogs is also safe and secure. I could use Edublogs in my classroom to put class announcements and important events and test dates to come to keep parents and students plugged into what is happening on one site. A blog would be able to keep everyone informed and on the same page as we move through different online tools.

Elluminate is a 3 seat online interactive whiteboard. Videos, text and presentations can be uploaded on elluminate. Elluminate can be used to help students connect with the teacher. I would use elluminate and sign students up for certain times if they were having problems and work through the problems with the students. I would also encourage them to get on and work the problems with each other and maybe assign them in groups so they can collaborate with each other.

Scribblar is an online interactive whiteboard with real-time audio, document upload, and text-chat. Scribblar is the perfect online tutoring platform. Their is no limitation on how many students can join in on the chat. Scribblar would be a great tool to use on certain nights of the week for homework help or for test reviews. Math is a subject that many students have several questions once they get home and their parents are not able to help them, scribblar would help solve this problem as they can get online.

Ready-made interactive quizzes in game format are on what2learn. The scores are recorded and easy accessible by the teacher. Teachers can also make their own quizzes and games and it is easy to put them on your own website or blog. I could use what2learn as an easy way to quiz my students on their knowledge and keep track of how they are doing. I could post the quizzes from what2learn on my blog so that my students would have easy access to them.

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