Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Pinterest in the Classroom

Pinterest can be used in so many ways in the classroom. A teacher can find great ways to decorate their classroom or even find lesson plans on Pinterest. Pinterest is also a great place to bookmark and keep up with all the great sites that you have found.

I used Pinterest to help me come up with a lesson plan for a high school PE class. I used one of my standards that states that students create a personal fitness plan. Below you will find the link to the lesson plan I created and the steps of creating a personal fitness plan:


1.     Binder must have a cover page with an image, your name, class, and title on it.

2.     Student’s will research the five fitness principles: overload principle, FITT principle, specificity principle, rest and recovery principle, and the use or lose principle. After the student researches principles and has an understanding of the five principles they will base their fitness plan off of these five principles.

3.     Tab 1: Student’s will create a fitness profile. Your fitness profile should consist of your name, weight, height, skin fold measurement, flexibility, muscle strength, and endurance. After two weeks, students will make another fitness profile.

4.     Tab 2: Student’s will choose from a variety of different physical activities (cardio, walking, running, lifting, yoga, dancing, etc). After choosing physical activities the student will create a 2 week lesson plan.

5.   Tab 3: The student will make a food pyramid and then make a nutritional plan for the two-week period.

6.     Tab 4: List what fitness principles were used in your plan, why
you picked them, and what they are.

7.     Tab 5: During the two week period you will be keeping track of any changes made in your fitness plan in a daily journal, what worked and didn’t work, and what you learned from creating your personal fitness plan. In tab 5 you will write a short essay on your experience and what you learned and then place your daily journal (notebook paper) behind the essay. Your daily journal is for your learning purposes and can be formatted in what works best for you. Just remember your essay is written from your daily journal, make sure you keep good records. Under tab 5 you will also have a sources cited page listing any cites that you used to create your plan and find information. Sources cited will be the last thing in your binder.